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Top Video Surveillance Apps On The IPhone

Aficionados of iPhone’s more advanced capabilities in graphics will love hearing about the top video surveillance apps on the market. You invested in an iPhone. What better way to view intruders than your handy, discreet cell phone device?

One of the most popular inquiries about iPhone security options are video surveillance apps. Review of the top video surveillance apps for iPhone covers the newest updates to popular home and office security systems. If you are interested in turning your iPhone into a complete surveillance station, there are a few products you should consider. Monitor any scenario, setting or circumstance with video surveillance technology from the palm of your hand.

Goals of Video Surveillance iPhone apps developers

Surveillance solution apps designed to turn your iPhone into a home security system, allow you to use add-on capabilities to connect phone cameras to internet, DVR and iDVR. Real time TV transmission of burglars and other security problems is at your fingertips for a fraction of the cost of professional security systems.

With iPhone video surveillance apps, you can attain the highest caliber remote viewing support on the market. Check the specifications to existing devices and computer technology for conversion compatibility. Some video screen technology may be easier to interface with iPhone apps. Users with compatible technologies can capture video on a single screen, and play on view grids across an entire surveillance infrastructure. A complete security observation grid all run by mobile phone command.

The Top 5 Video Surveillance apps for iPHone

iPhone apps connecting to DVR H.264 video streaming allow for quick transmission on any speed internet connection. The video surveillance apps also provide 2x display in larger portable device screen viewings (i.e. iPad), as well as desktop, laptop and projector screens. Demonstration of some of the best capabilities in video surveillance apps for iPad is found in the top five (5) reviewed picks:

1. Geovision GV-Eye iPhone App

Geovision-GV-Eye-iPhone-App-features-reviewsThis app is great is you already own a DVR that just requires iPhone support access. Geovision GV-VS04H IP video server and GV-Eye iPhone app create an integrated system that can be hooked up to 4 CCTV cameras for optimum viewing of surveillance activities. Use the DVR server transmission to connect cameras to the iPhone with the free, downloadable GV-Eye app.

Split signals from the cameras enable viewing between the Geovision video server and DVR format. GV-Eye iPhone app supports four screen observation. Connect multiple video servers to the Geovision IP cameras so that multiple locations can be viewed from the same app interface.

2. SpyVid 1.1

SpyVid-1.1-iphone-app-for-surveillanceDeveloped by Imaginary Feet, LLC, this near free app at $0.99 is an update of the first app 1.0. Features to SpyVid 1.1. include: 1) Alibis – photo loading and screen shots action flip while app is recording video on site; 2) Swipe Transparency – touchscreen adjustability while recording; and 3) Invisible Recording Bar – hide the dot while you record. SpyVid 1.1 is perfect for corporate espionage for the reasons stated. This one is often touted as the best surveillance video app on the market.

3. VideoSnipe 1.2

VideoSnipe-1.2-iphone-features-reviewsA Code Chim Software development, VideoSnipe is in its second update phase. At $1.99 it is reasonably cheap. Hide the recording dot is about all you can hide on this one. The app shows you are recording in bold letters in process. Other features that are not quite convincing are false screen display of a dial pad, caller and blank options. Sequential video requires several taps to arrive at the recording command again.

4. Cam-u-flage 1.3

Cam-u-flage-1.3-iphone-appThis video surveillance app by Sebastian Arena is a third stage update at $1.99. Cam-u-flage offers custom screens and a transparency image to cover up recording activities that assumes the entire screen. The toolbar still appears, however, at the bottom of the screen that is locked into camera/picture mode. Several clicks in an icon path establish that you want to command sequential recording. Create timed pictures with Cam-u-flage for best effect. Video mode is a bit more quirky. Picture mode is the default at all times.

5. Disguised Cam 1.5

Disguised-Cam-1.5-iPhone-App-features-reviewsMASAKA, Inc. advancements in Disguised Cam 1.5 at $0.99 are arguably the best for DG cam installation. The DG Cam feature is a true spy cam. For video surveillance on an iPhone, Disguised Cam 1.5 takes out some of the guess work. Better speed control, and transfer from picture to video mode are serious improvements. Like the other inexpensive video surveillance apps on the market, Disguised Cam 1.5 still has some glitches.

Differentiation between alerts is one of the learning elements of the app. Screenshots features are shown as “recording” but actual recording includes a blinking red light in the corner. Either way, things get confusing. Blinking also detracts from discretion. The app vibrates the iPhone on completion of a shooting. Do not use Disguised Cam in a business setting.

Recommendations in Video Surveillance apps for iPhone

GV-Eye-iPhone-app-featuresIf one was to choose the best in iPhone app video surveillance Geovision GV-Eye iPhone App would win by a longshot. Geovision GV-Eye iPhone App requires a DVR. Capabilities, price, conversion, discretion are all factors in the decision.For those without additional video transfer capabilities, one of the lesser apps is probably still on the menu.

Look for apps that allow you to record without blinking or audio notification of video activity. Screenshot options to embed your home screen rather than the false screen display allow for a custom background while using the surveillance app.

When the concept of video surveillance apps for iPhone first came out they were developed for corporate settings, or for recording personal environments without the knowledge of other parties. The advancement of iPhone apps to total home video surveillance CCTV is a more recent innovation in mobile phone assets.

Now more than ever, iPhone and other small devices are being used to create a safe and secure environment. Protect yourself with iPhone video surveillance apps. The affordability and ease of owning an iPhone is a smart investment. Use it for video surveillance intelligence.

iPhone apps pictures and videos “speak a thousand words” – especially when intruders or wrongdoers are not paying attention. Test video surveillance apps on your iPhone to determine the best possible application for your security needs.

The Future of iPhone Camera Surveillance

The decision to use video surveillance apps on your iPhone could be an important one as well. The best screen resolution, length of recording and quality of pixel transfer makes spy cam activities a bit more meaningful. Use of iPhone video surveillance footage could be employed in private investigations, undercover law enforcement investigations or in court discovery where imagery is allowed.

Where legal proceedings are involved, some parameters to permissibility may be in cited. Review rules and criteria to law enforcement and court allowance for private video surveillance in your state. Laws pertaining to the recording and evidentiary nature of iPhone video records may already be provided for.

For more information about video surveillance apps for iPhone visit one of the growing online community resources for details about user experience. Consumers have a keen eye for user complications and best scenario installation and conversion with different devices.

Select a video surveillance app, download, install, deploy – 007 iPhone!

Max Biden is a writer for the home security and video surveillance insdustry focusing on current technology trends that change the way we look at the world. 

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Top Video Surveillance Apps On The IPhone

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