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How To Transfer VHS Videos To A DVD

Although VHS tapes are a thing of the past, most of us still have piles of them hidden away in our attics or under our beds. It is hard to part with the precious memories captured on these tapes, but rather than storing them away, why not transfer them onto a DVD so you can view them when you like? Transferring VHS tapes to DVDs is a straightforward process that simply requires time and patience. Here we will talk you through the different ways you can transfer your VHS tapes to DVDs.

Using a computer

To transfer your VHS tapes to DVD you will need a computer, editing software and a device which is able to convert your VCR’s analogue signals to digital. First of all you will need to connect your VCR box to the converter using the appropriate cables. Make sure you follow your converter system’s instructions so that you plug the right coloured cables into the VCR’s video and audio jacks. You will then need to connect the converter box to your computer.

Once you have connected up the circuit of machines, open up your video-editing software and capture the VHS tape, ensuring that you have wound it back to the beginning first. This will transfer the film on your tape to your computer.

After you have finished capturing your video, you will be able to edit it using your software, adding the menu or chapter titles you require. Once you have finished editing your recording you will need to render it and then export it to the appropriate file type for your DVDs.

You can then insert a blank recordable DVD and use burning software to transfer your newly formatted VHS recording to the disk. Once it has finalised you will be able to play it on your computer as well as DVD players.

Using a combination recorder

If you have the money to spare and a lot of VHS tapes to transfer, it may be worth investing in a combination recorder. These units allow you to convert your VHS tapes to DVD disks without needing to use a computer or editing software.

You will simply have to insert a black DVD into the recorder along with the VHS tape you want to transfer. The machine will require you to select a recording mode, along with a dubbing direction, which should be VHS to DVD. The recording process will take as long as the video footage. Many high-end combination recorders and players allow you to add chapters and titles to make your DVD easier to navigate. It is important to make sure that you finalise your DVD disks so that they can be played on all DVD players.

Video conversion specialist

If you simply do not have the time and patience to convert all of your VHS tapes to DVDs you may want to consider sending them to a video conversion company. They will employ experts who have the skills and knowledge to convert your tapes quickly and efficiently. Some companies will charge you depending on the length of your recordings, whereas others will simply charge you by tape. You may find that you can even get a discount if you send a larger batch of tapes in. Video conversion companies will also edit the footage for you, adding in any titles and menus you require.

Transferring your VHS videos to DVDs will not only help you clear the storage space in your attic, but will enable you to replay your favourite memories over and over again. Whether you decide to have a go at doing it yourself, or send your tapes to an expert, you are sure to be pleased with the results.

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How To Transfer VHS Videos To A DVD

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