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Travel Apps That Save You Money

Saving money is a challenge for everyone. Whether you’re hoping to save for a vacation, buying a house or even just traveling for business, it’s a struggle everyone faces at some point in their life. While some people find it more difficult than others, there are simple solutions to help you save money with very little effort, especially during travel. Here are four great travel apps that were made to help reduce costs and keep money in your pocket.


In you’re a frequent traveler, you know the anxiety and frustration that comes along with spending extended periods of time in the airport. Whether you’ve missed your flight, you have a long layover or you’re simply just waiting to board your plane, there’s a great deal of problems that can go along with your time spent in the airport.

With the GateGuru app, you have the chance to easily access locations and real-time reviews of in-airport food, shopping and other services. In addition to this, the app can find current deals that are happening if you’re working with a tight budget. If you’re unfamiliar with the airport you’re in, this app can even look up your pre or post-security options so you know exactly what’s available to you depending on what your status is. This app is free and available for both iPhone and Android users.

Hotwire App

The Hotwire App, available for both the iPhone and iPod touch, offers instant access to hotel deals in 3,145 cities and 61 countries. This app can be used to book hotels at any time, even last minute which can result in deep discounts up to 50 percent off. This simple and easy to use app only takes four clicks to book your hotel, which is perfect for the person on the go who doesn’t have time to go through the tedious process of booking a hotel room. What’s great is that it doesn’t just work with last-minute bookings but can even book dates 330 days into the future.


It’s not uncommon to feel a little uncomfortable traveling to a city you’ve never visited before and having no knowledge of the place prior to going. Not only is it difficult to navigate around by yourself but it’s also challenging to find the right places to eat and visit while you’re there. That’s where the Scoutmob app comes in. Scoutmob can help you to instantly become an insider, giving you the knowledge of where to go and what to see. If this is the type of information you want, the app can even provide you with a weekly list of picks, including cool happenings, local restaurants, boutiques, spas and more, in accordance with your current location. All of these recommendations come with reviews and ratings as well.

Gas Buddy

Paying for the flight, hotel room and other miscellaneous expenses is one thing, but on top of that renting a car can prove to be another huge expense. Instead of worrying about spending ridiculous amounts of money on gas, download the gas buddy app. This easy to use tool can help you to find the closest gas stations, your favorite gas stations or simply the cheapest price per gallon station closest to you.

This app is also community-driven which means you or anyone else can update gas prices in real-time, giving users up to date knowledge of where the cheapest gas stations are. Instead of spending time worrying about gas money, spend that time enjoying yourself, wherever you are.


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Travel Apps That Save You Money

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