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How to turn Android into PC? – Complete Guide

Today, I am going to share my method to turn your Android device into a PC monitor. Very convenient. Here is a new use of its Android device: transform it into PC, adapting its interface. I tested a few solutions, and we chose these.

Android device into a PC

What is the difference between an Android device and Windows 10? Finally, from an ergonomic point, quite a few things. Windows 10 was designed to be used with a mouse and a keyboard, Android was designed for touch screens. The first tries to evolve its interface to be used more easily from a touch screen. The second one accepts mice and keyboards, but its interface was not intended for PC use. If you are interested in Android Gaming and want to play android Game on PC without Wifi/internet you should visit the link to download.

Obviously, there are a few elements of interfaces to Android: a taskbar to display all windows and programs open, multi-windows resizable, double click of the mouse or right click. Some applications must also be redesigned, the menus designed for the tactile are still not easy to use with the mouse. Fortunately, there are alternatives and solutions to adapt Android to a PC usage. Here are the solutions we tested.

 For what uses?

Indeed, before launching: so much to know why to launch. Android has not yet been designed to be used as a PC. In some cases, however, this may be practical. You can use your smartphone as an extra PC, on the go or to replace your laptop. You can also use your smartphone for simple office tasks, such as browsing Web pages or word processing. Our smartphones are now powerful enough to carry out advanced tasks, besides the Snapdragon 835 will be able to run Windows 10. You can also use old smartphones but also Android tablets by transforming them into real desktop machines.

At the others

Before you present the Android solutions, place to a mini bibliography. Turning his smartphone into a PC, or his PC into a smartphone, is not new: Motorola had already designed the Atrix with his Lapdock .

smartphone into a PCMore recently, Windows has put forward a pre-integrated mode: the Continuum mode allows to use its Windows 10 Mobile like a PC. Canonical is also pushing developers to offer unified applications that can run on both smartphones and PCs with the same features.

smartphones and PCs

During the CES, we discovered the Mirabook . The French company Miraxess presented to the CES the Mirabook, a dock resembling a laptop with a full HD screen of 13.3 inches. But in reality, the Mirabook does not integrate any intelligence. Simply plug in your smartphone with the USB Type-C port to defer the display (and thus power) of the smartphone to the Mirabook.

Andromium OS

This is the simplest and most effective solution, but … it is far from finalized yet. For the moment, when you launch it currently on your smartphone, one must not run out of power and RAM. It is a resource-intensive application. This project was born in 2014 after a failed participatory fund raising campaign, it is a rather special launcher. The most interesting part of this solution is its ability to install on any device without having to tweak its system. It does not require root access, and runs without flinching. 

Andromium OS

The team behind this project has done a remarkable job, with the design of customized apps. Unfortunately, traditional Android applications are not encapsulated in windows, which limits the interest of this system. We can nevertheless emphasize the presence of a dedicated browser, a file explorer and even a demining game. These windows can be minimized and moved, as on a PC. Finally, some settings are available at the bottom right of the screen, such as remaining battery life or connectivity management.

Andromium OS1

What remains a shame is the slowness of the application which is cruelly lacking optimizations. Developers are currently focusing on deploying new features, so the system will not be ready for several months. However, it remains usable, so we have selected it all the same. You can change the density of the interface, but this requires restarting your smartphone, and you can use it easily with a Chromecast on a PC or TV screen.

The SuperBook campaign

The team behind Andromium has embarked on the design of a laptop equipped with a 11.6-inch screen, the SuperBook . It is a receptacle for your smartphone sold at 100 euros.

The SuperBook

To use it, simply install the Andromium OS application on your phone and then connect it to the USB port of the Superbook, and the PC takes over while recharging your phone. Knowing that you will need a USB compatible OTG phone, which is the case for most smartphones nowadays. To check the compatibility of yours.

The French Miraxess plan to realize the same thing with the Mirabook, the solution to turn a smartphone into a laptop.

Leena Desktop

Leena Desktop is like Andromium, I find that the application is a little more complete. It requires far fewer resources than our first solution, with a clean and efficient interface.

Leena Desktop

It takes up, overall, the macOS interface with a taskbar and shortcuts at the bottom, and a status bar (like Android ). The pre-built Android browser is rather efficient, as well as the file explorer.

Leena Desktop1

You can modify on-the-fly the density of the interface elements, depending on the definition and size of your screen, but also the distance between your eyes and the screen. Finally, some options make it possible to refine the interface, we find a dark theme and the position to disable animations, for example. A free application in the form of a launcher that deserves to be tried (and adopted).

Chrome OS

Chrome OS has adopted the Play Store and Android apps, this remains a very interesting OS. Of course, it does not answer the problematic of the file, but it is an OS to watch closely. Google is doing a very interesting job, the Chromebooks will become very versatile machines with a good price. Hopefully it is possible later to integrate Chrome OS into a smartphone. Google demonstrates its ability to properly encapsulate Android applications, without requiring extra work for developers.

Android applications

Moreover, in the early versions of Nougat, we could discover a windowed mode called Freeform Windows.  This mode resized the application windows and moved them freely like a desktop OS. Buggy, this feature is finally not present in the latest version of Android, it remains confined for the moment at the project stage and can be unlocked via command lines and the installation of an alternative recovery.

How to connect your Android to a screen?

Once the system is ready, you have to be able to connect your smartphone to a screen, such as a TV or a PC monitor. There are several possibilities: the first is to connect your smartphone with a cable. This method is not available for all devices, you must make sure that your device is MHL compatible. Then you need an adapter, microUSB or USB Type-C. Caution, few USB-C smartphones are MHL compatible, this is not the case for the latest Nexus (for example).


You can also use a Google Chromecast on your screen, the latter will be able to retransmit the interface of your Android. This solution is not ideal for viewing videos, the framerate is too weak. On the other hand, it is more than enough for office automation.

How to connect a mouse or keyboard to Android?

You will then need a mouse and a keyboard, you have … they exist for at least 30 years and allow to control an interface. There are two possibilities. The first is to use an OTG adapter, so you can connect your mouse or wired keyboard directly to your smartphone.

OTG adapter

You can also use Bluetooth accessories, the vast majority will work natively with Android. Personally, I use a Logitech keyboard compatible PC, Mac, iOS and Android. It is very good material.

Logitech keyboard

Finally, there are also keyboards that integrate a touchpad, ideal if you find yourself in front of the television. 

Logitech keyboard1

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How to turn Android into PC? – Complete Guide

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