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Two Easy Ways To Back-up Your Computer

You are probably already aware of the need to back-up your computer’s programs and data on a regular basis, including all of your important work files, music, videos, photos, and emails. But you may still be wondering how to go about properly doing regular backups so that you can rest assured that your content is safe and secure and that, in the event your computer suddenly crashes or stops working properly, it gets a virus you can’t get rid of, or your equipment is damaged in some way, all of the important files that have come to represent your life and your hard work will be fine and ready for uploading onto a clean, new computer system.

Do It Yourself or Hire a Pro

If you really want to, you can certainly hire a professional, such as an IT professional, to help you with regularly backing up your computer system. This is especially helpful if you run a business of any size and you have a lot of computers connected to a network, because if one computer gets a virus, the rest of them quickly become susceptible and this can lead to major problems, losses of very important data, and crashes. In order to keep your business running smoothly and effectively, you want to make sure an IT professional is there to help you properly back up your entire system and maintain its peak performance.

If you use your home computer for everything from doing work from home to casually sending emails and browsing websites or uploading memorable photos and videos, you still need to frequently back up all of your data. Imagine losing all of these important aspects of your life and your relationships and never being able to get them back. It would be absolutely devastating, but it happens all too often to those individuals who either refuse to take the time to back-up their computers properly or are simply misinformed on the importance of doing so.

Below are two easy ways to back-up your computer at home:

External Hard Drives

External hard drives are devices that you hook up to your computer that automatically back up your data from your computer by making copies onto the drives themselves. In this way, if you lose your computer to damage, a virus, or a crash, all of your data is mirrored on the external hard drive(s) and you can rest assured that you can access the information once you get your system repaired or replaced.

Portable Hard Drives

If you do not have a ton of data stored on your computer, as do most casual home users, a small portable hard drive is a great solution; but unlike external hard drives, you have to plug these into your computer via USB cable and manually back up all of your files. This means you have to create a disciplined back-up schedule for yourself to follow and it may take some time to learn how to do it and stick to a schedule.

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Two Easy Ways To Back-up Your Computer

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