Tutorial to learn how to install latest version of Google Chrome on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.


1. Open Firefox and search for Google Chrome
2. From the search results click on google chrome website link
3. Click on download now
4. Select the download package type.
5. Read the terms of service and click “Accept and Install”
6. select “Save File” and click OK.
7. You can see the .deb file is downloaded to the home / downloads folder.

Installation Method 1:

1. Double click on the chrome .deb file
2. Click install from the Ubuntu Software Center

Installation Method 2:

1. Open Terminal
2. Type cd Downloads to open the Downloads folder
3. Type following command and press enter key: sudo dpkg -i yourchromefile.deb

Adding icon to the Launcher:

If you wish to add an icon to the launcher, you can drag the icon from the dash and drop it over the launcher.

Hope this video was helpful 🙂

Have a nice day!

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