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Contributor guidelines for https://linuxinpakistan.com Blog

1. Content – All content must be written by you and never used before anywhere else on any other web. Please make sure the post is helpful for all. Try to include tips and tricks that the readers can use and benefit from immediately and write a hypnotic headline.

2. Readability – Make your post well formatted and readable : include headers, sub-headers, use bold text for emphasis or use numbered or bullet pointed lists.

3. Thoroughly check – Please edit and proof read your post carefully.

4. Originality – All content should be Unique, and between 500 and 2000 words long.

5. Credits – Add a two sentence credit at the end of the post which begins with your name and can include one link.

6. Formatting – Write the post as a draft post on your blog, then copy and paste the HTML into an email or send it as a .txt attachment. Make sure there aren’t any tags specifying fonts or tags.

7. No affiliate links.

Email the content to editor@linuxinpakistan.com. Be patient. If you’ve done the best job possible, and triple checked your blog post so that it’s flawless, it should be featured here soon.

After your guest post goes live you are encouraged to:

1. Promote your blog post to your readers and followers on your blog and other social media accounts.

2. Check, read and reply to comments on your blog post.